Completed projects

Research using of fruit tree waste as a source of valuable bioactive substances (2019 - 2021) TAČR (TJ02000196)


Colorimetric sensor for diagnosis of pesticides poisoning (2018 - 2021) TAČR (TH03030336)


Development of gluten-free, nutrient-rich pastry employing new technological approaches and new raw materials and evaluating their putative healthy risk (2018 - 2021) TAČR (TH03010019)


Taste perception, oxidative damage and colon microenvironment in colorectal carcinogenesis: Impacts on the disease risk, prognosis and prevention 
(2015 - 2019) MZ (NV15-27580A)


Production and selection of apple cultivars with high content of human health benefit compositions and fruit prolonged storage (2015 - 2018) MZe (QJ1510354)

The introduction of appropriate procedures that minimize negative impacts on insect pollinators and other beneficial organisms in fruit production technology and the development of methods for increasing the efficiency of pollination
(2015 - 2018) TAČR (TH01030787)


Introduction of high-quality cherry cultivars suitable for the European market (2015 - 2017) MŠMT (LF15006)


Improving the quality of gluten-free pastries by new sources of proteins (2014 - 2017) TAČR (TA04010762)

The development of a plasma free metanephrine analysis kit (2012 - 2014) MPO (FR-TI4/331)


Intensification and optimalization of gasifying units and combustion chambers for very sodden waste biomass (2012 - 2014) MPO (FR-TI4/353)


VIK RADANAL (2011 - 2014) MPO (EA 4.2PT03/126)


The Development of the Technological Processing of Highly Nutritive Valuable Pulses Recently Implemented in the World, for Utilization to Prepare Common Foodstuffs and Dietary and Nutrition Products (2011 - 2014) TAČR (TA01010737)


Research of isolation techniques of minority substances from chemical products and nature materials in order to get their standards (2009 - 2011) MPO (FR-TI1/238)


Adding value to lipid waste streams through a new production process for biodiesel (2009 - 2012) MŠMT (7D09004)


Research on natural stimulants to increase utility value and yield properties of selected crops (2009 - 2012) MPO (FR-TI1/227)


New design and exploiting nanobiosensors and nanosensors to target medicine (NANOSEMED) (2008 - 2012) MPO (AV ČR KAN208130801)


Research of bioactive substances included in the root of Reynoutria species and their utilization in food supplement products (2006 - 2008) MPO (FT-TA3/008)


Research of bioactive substances from hops body scrap and their utilization in food supplement products (2005 - 2008) MPO (FT-TA2/014)


Silver-coated stainless steel / ceramic filter development as an antibacterial agent for water systems (2005 - 2006) MPO (FI-IM2/028)


Research of bioactive peptides separation - lactoferrine and lactopexidase (2004 - 2006) MPO (FI-IM/076)


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