The analytical laboratory is equipped with LC/MS, LC/ECD instrumentation dealing with the influence of natural substances on human health.



We offer kits and control materials for HPLC AND LC-MS/MS systems in the field of clinical diagnostics. Furthermore, special LED and Laser-induced detectors and spare parts for ESA brand detectors. 



We specialize in organizing professional events that serve as part of support for experts in areas such as nutrition, clinical biochemistry, food technology, analytical chemistry, medicine or toxicology.




RADANAL Ltd. is a company engaged research and development, sales and application support of chromatographic methods including chromatographic consumables.


The company is also organizer of the International Conference INDC (International Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference) and Czech Conference VITATOX.

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RADANAL Timeline

History of our company in dates...

  1. 1993

    Company Foundation

    Company foundation by Aleš Horna in Pardubice

  2. 1997

    Company Focus

    Industry, environment and medicine (e.g. analysis of biologically active substances)

  3. 2001

    VITAMINS Conference and International Cooperation

    The first year of annual conference VITAMINS, that is interested in the effect of natural substances on human health.

    Cooperation with RECIPE Chemicals + Instruments GmbH together with distribution of its products (HPLC diagnostic kits and kits for clinical biochemistry)

    Cooperation with other international companies (HPLC accessories and consumables)

  4. 2004


    The company's focus on research projects

    Theme of the first project: Research of bioactive peptides separation - lactoferrine and lactopexidase.

  5. 2010


    Advancement of VITAMINS to international conference for foreign participants called INDC – International Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference

  6. 2014

    Institution of Nutrition and Diagnostics

    Foundation of Institution of Nutrition and Diagnostics in Pardubice with fully equipped analytical laboratory.

  7. 2017


    17th year of INDC and 1st year of new Czech conference VITATOX

  8. 2017

    Research and Distribution

    Successful involvement in 22 research scientific projects

    Supplier of diagnostics kits for new-born screening to Slovakia.

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